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The library was inaugurated on 15.12.2018 on the premises of the Prague International Conservatory building. This library has 20th thousand book volumes. Included is a phonotheatre that has 5.tis cd carriers, 3.tis vinyl gramo records, a wine shop that contains 2500th dvd films with musical themes. An integral part of the library is the reading room, where there is a choice of 30.tis titles from the daily, weekly and monthly press focusing on theatre, television and music production. The reader here finds daily newspapers, hobby magazines and many more. 


The library's golden jewel is a music archive that has 3.000 volumes and is made up of music publishing house Bärenreiter Prague.  You can also find study rooms, gramogons, laptops, cd players, tv. 
Official hours at the Library of the International Conservatory of Prague: Monday to Friday from 09.00 - 3pm.  


Manager: MSc Jan Plechatý

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